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When evaluating the effectiveness of your search platform, the most important question to ask is “what does it cost me to acquire each conversion?”

There are number of important elements which influence conversion via search such as time taken to perform the search, the quality of the search results, how easily users can refine results and the usability of the interface. The first three of these elements relate directly to the quality of your search platform.

If you find that you are getting a high number of searches but conversion is low, it’s likely that your users are struggling to find what they’re looking for.

With Traditional Relational Database (TRD) systems, the cost of conversion is usually quite high, with poor conversion rates. The search capabilities available on TRD systems are also generally limited, compared to dedicated search platforms, in particular with regards to features like spelling corrections and data structured searches. Also, the cost of scaling a TRD platform can be high, which usually means that conversion becomes more costly.

Most third-party search platforms tend to have good conversion rates and lower cost per conversion, whilst also scaling well and fairly cheaply. However, managing high-volume frequent inventory updates (as seen on most general classified websites and applications) can become costly from an operational perspective. Keeping updates in sync across numerous search machines is tedious and laborious. Whilst mature search platforms offer generally stable products, the rate at which new features can be developed, is slowed. Being able to respond quickly to market expectations becomes more difficult over time, particularly in a fast moving digital marketplace.

Ryvuss is new to the market and is extremely flexible. It can index data from any data source, be installed in the cloud or in a dedicated data centre, can handle complex searches, maintain complex hierarchies and generate custom refinement lists and supports Search Assist (the ability to match keywords to structured data for quick and accurate searching).

Ryvuss-powered websites and applications have good conversion rates and a low cost per conversion. Ryvuss scales well and also handles frequent updates almost instantly, so little manual intervention is required to keep search indexes in sync across a high availability farm.

The Ryvuss platform is continuously evolving, with new features being released regularly, so we expect to deliver even further improvement to conversion rates.

Investing in a search platform isn’t all about the cost. More importantly, you need to consider conversion and the cost per conversion, as well as scalability and flexibility to accommodate future business growth.

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