Pickles Auctions

As the country’s number one auction and valuation experts, Pickles Auctions specialise in the valuation and disposal of motor vehicle and industrial machinery assets. Their clients include federal and state governments, local councils, fleet and lease companies, insurance providers, financial institutions and banks.

The bulk of Pickles’ inventory is available for sale online via their Pickles Live auction system, so it’s imperative to present end users with a mature and reliable search platform, designed specifically for the purposes of effectively connecting buyers and sellers.

Before Ryvuss, Pickles employed a combination of two technologies to power their search. This was difficult to maintain and was not meeting the demands that Pickles customers required.

Pickles wanted a fast and intuitive search platform that would be simple for end users, as well as one that would easily integrate with their existing taxonomy. They also wanted to work with a vendor who would be ‘available’ and would support them throughout the transition.

Pickles made the decision to proceed with Ryvuss Search as they believed other platforms would take longer to get to market. However they still expected ramp up would be slow and they would face challenges getting their existing taxonomy to work with Ryvuss.  They were pleasantly surprised by the level of flexibility Ryvuss Search offered and by the speed and ease with which they integrated it into their environment. Pickles were equally as impressed by the Ryvuss team and admitted their support went above and beyond.

Ryvuss Search has provided Pickles with a platform to innovate and significantly boost search performance, allowing them to confidently promote search on their Homepage. They have already implemented auto-complete and anti keyword-stuffing capabilities, both of which have increased the accuracy and relevance of search results. Publishing and updating of auction records has also become faster and auction details are updating much quicker on site, so feedback has been positive on all fronts.

In the near future, Pickles will take full advantage of Ryvuss’ advanced multi-select capabilities to allow customers to browse by inventory specs and this will bring their website in line with commonly-accepted ecommerce industry practices. Pickles are happy they’ve finally found a search framework that “just does what it needs to do and does it well”.


Main drivers for Pickles to move to Ryvuss:

  • Powerful search – A fast flexible search platform which offers advanced features such as auto-complete, anti keyword-stuffing and hierarchical multi-select, whilst providing a superior search experience for customers.
  • Performance and publishing – Fast publishing and updating of auction details on Pickles website so that customers are exposed to accurate and up to date information.
  • Maintainability – One flexible API which would be easy to integrate and manage.

 Ryvuss delivered:

  • Up to 600% increase in search requests executed.
  • Significant reduction in publishing times – from ‘seconds’ to ‘sub-second’.
  • 10-20% boost in registration at auctions.
  • Greater customer engagement with search and higher exposure for inventory items, as highlighted by increased traffic to product details pages.