Based in Brazil, WebMotors had long been on the lookout for a new search platform which would offer the functionality and flexibility to improve the search experience for users.

At the time, WebMotors were utilising a framework which had buyers and sellers competing for the same scarce database resources. This caused much contention for users because optimizing the experience for buyers would, in effect; degrade the experience for sellers and vice versa. WebMotors were faced with a difficult decision – vertically scale their database and invest further in hardware or split the buyer and seller systems and scale these independently of each other.

Having heard about the benefits Ryvuss delivered to Carsales – who play in a similar space – WebMotors reached out to discuss implementing the search platform within their business.

Ryvuss is purpose-built to operate within high-traffic website architectures and could easily support WebMotors’ transition to independent buyer and seller systems, so a difficult decision became a simple one.

Working alongside the Ryvuss team, WebMotors easily integrated their transactional architecture to work with the Ryvuss platform, giving them the flexibility and adaptability to work with any user interface.

Not only did Ryvuss surpass all of WebMotors’ functional expectations, but made continuous improvements much more attainable.

WebMotors now consider Ryvuss a core technology partner and an extension of their business, not just a search engine.

Main drivers for WebMotors to move to Ryvuss:

  • Performance – Improve page performance of Search and Listing pages, which account for over 80% of WebMotors’ 200+ million page views per month
  • New Features – Search is at the heart of the WebMotors business so it was important to be able to implement new functionality regularly and deliver a great search experience for users.
  • Flexibility – Move away from a structured SQL search environment

Ryvuss delivered:

  • Maintainability and flexibility – by implementing the Ryvuss platform – which manages all the complexities of search and delivers unparalleled performance throughput – WebMotors now have the flexibility to build upon their website features to offer a superior browsing experience.
  • An ‘intelligent’ search experience – Intuitive user-friendly navigation, easy filtering and product recommendations.
  • Infrastructure savings – employing a low-cost horizontally-scalable design to separate their buyer and seller systems, WebMotors increased capacity without investing in hardware, which saw a reduction in utilisation and resulted in a 10% saving on infrastructure costs.