Intelligent Media

Leverage our intelligent cloud-based Media services to serve and manage your media assets. Some of the largest web properties in the Australian market already do! Serve billions of images per day using our clever and scalable Image server, backed by an industry-leading enterprise Content Delivery Network (CDN) for the best possible download speeds.

Our advanced Video platform can detect any device’s native video format and supports full trans-coding to serve video content in that format, in line with the best available internet connection at the time.

Some features of our Intelligent Media services:


  • Real-time dynamic image re-sizing and aspect-to-ratio re-sizing
  • Hotspot creation
  • Dynamic watermarking and captioning
  • Caching support for pre-transformed images
  • Image cloud storage


  • Sequential multiple video stitching
  • Transcoding for mobile devices
  • Create video hotspots
  • Pre-defined custom video sizes
  • Video cloud storage

360 VIEW

  • 360 image viewing within your photo gallery
  • Desktop and mobile enabled, with gesture support
  • Interactive image tagging with custom picture, video and web form integration


  • Feature tagging and hotspot creation to highlight image interest points
  • Easy to consume endpoint for image and coordinate metadata