Intelligent Search

Build your search your way quickly and easily using Ryvuss Search, powered by a fully-featured faceting engine and REST API for greater scalability and maintainability. Combine facets with range and geospatial queries in any arrangement and leave our smart navigation to calculate all refinements for you, dynamically, using HATEOAS.

No matter what your data looks like or how complex your refinements, your complete faceted search solution can be up and running in hours. Create customizable dashboards and get visibility and insight into your business-driven metrics and help your customers find what they are looking for.

Some features of our Intelligent Search:


Ryvuss brings you the world’s leading faceted search platform! Navigation is generated automatically in real-time, allowing your users to explore all you have to offer by applying multiple filters – simultaneously.


Not just a simple free-text search! Ryvuss search is intuitive and returns accurate, relevant matches which reflect the user’s search intent by matching search terms against corresponding facets and ranges (whilst ignoring unrelated fuzzy results produced through keyword stuffing).


Built from the ground up to support faceted search, Ryvuss stands in its own league. Write your own queries or let us do it for you. The Ryvuss smart navigation understands any number of facets, keywords, range and/or location-based terms and automatically generates all available search refinements for your users to browse.


Using advanced predictive prefix matching and prefix phrase matching to guide user search behaviour, Ryvuss offers a simple, intuitive approach to auto-completing search dialogues and customise what is displayed to users. Just start typing and Ryvuss will return suitable suggestions based on matching search terms.


Being ‘SEO Friendly’ is no longer an option, but a must if you want to play online. Ryvuss enables you to customize your search links and optimise them for SEO, so that all your searches, can be ‘searchable’.


Get Ryvuss analytics out-of-the-box and create customizable dashboards (for Search and Recommendations products) to gain visibility and insights into your customers’ search behaviour.


We’re all so mobile nowadays that we inherently expect our current location to be factored into any query to produce results that are relevant to us right now. Ryvuss supports geospatial indexing ‘out of the box’, accommodating for “near me” search, “distance from me” sorting and clustering points of interest.


Create on-the-fly histograms for your numeric data and visually represent these to your customers to help them refine by important values more easily and find what they want, every time.


Ryvuss can translate natural language fragments by performing linguistic analysis on search terms and lets you use your domain-specific language to create searchable queries.